4 Quarter Training System

Experience Resilience

Our training style is designed to look after the longevity and health of our dynamic client base. We have created our own signature classes based on our 4 Quarter Training System!

In order for our bodies to become stronger, leaner, and perform optimally; we need to constantly challenge them in different ways!

If you train the same way everyday, you can expect the same stagnant results. 

During the week we offer signature classes designed for specific results.

Building Explosive Strength
Improving our Endurance and Cardiovascular Capabilities 
High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T)
Core Training


This is a special fitness community. The workouts are tough and dynamic   (and fun!) yet accessible to all levels of fitness. What really elevates Resilience on the fitness map is the culture of encouragement, inclusiveness, and genuine caring. The coaches are wondering humans who inspire with uplifting energy and go out of their way to make everyone feel welcome, safe, and valued.

Matt P.
Never been to a gym in my life (aside from high school gym class) and didn’t have any direction as to where to start. I could barely do a pushup, much less run several meters before passing out and calling it quits. Decided to try Resilience Fitness on a whim and WOW! Everyone is really friendly and the coaches are readily available to help you with proper technique while encouraging you to push your limits.
Peggy L.
One of the best decisions I made was to try Resilience Fitness! It’s more than just a great workout, it’s a community. The support you receive from day one is unbelievable, from the coaches to fellow members. Each workout is different, fun, challenging and full of positive energy! You won’t regret trying it!
Diane W.

Nervous for a first visit?

We understand that each individual is different and therefore offer different types of classes to keep our clients motivated and working towards achieving their personal fitness goals. Our coaches understand that no two bodies are the same, and some clients may require modifications to exercises and programs in order to best fit the client. Working with all different fitness levels is what we do best! We make that a priority at Resilience!

We create a supportive and welcoming fitness community by offering tough, diverse, and fun workouts that facilitate authentic relationships and push members towards their health and fitness goals.

Every class Resilience offers is an inspired & maintained by four pillars. Collectively, these pillars keep us accountable to our Beliefs & Vision – both inside & outside the gym.

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Our Classes

 All our classes follow our ‘4 Quarter Training System’. Check out the class schedule and different types of workouts and sign up in the Mindbody app for your next class!

Find your Resilience!

60 mins

This class will test your max-effort by challenging you with short, explosive intervals and quick rest periods. Expect your entire body to be tested with strength movements, sprints, agility ladders, sleds, & much more! PartIcipants can expect to get their heart rate spiked, develop strength, cardio and power!

Bring on the sweat!

60 mins

Gainz is a full body class focused on building strength! (We all want Gainz right?) Expect to see stations to build strength with a little slower pace compared to other classes. Compound movements such as Squats, Deadlifts, and Bench Press. All designed to get you stronger!

 Are you ready for them Gainz? 

45 mins

A 45-minute class designed to specifically strengthen your deep core muscles. Abs, Obliques, Lower Back, Glutes. Everything to sculpt and strengthen your entire core. 

Strong Core. Strong Body!

60 mins

This class will challenge all levels of fitness by combining strength & cardio movements for the duration of 6-10 minute timed-rounds. Designed to challenge your endurance and strength, participants will feel the ‘inner-athlete’ within, battling through 3-4 rounds of greatness! It’s ‘YOU-vs-YOU’!

Will you come out victorious?

90 mins

We are super pumped about this 90-minute class that will offer a challenge that Resilience Fitness members have yet to see! ‘SURVIVOR’ will be push your limits; endurance, speed, strength, focus and grit will be required! 

In this class expect to see stations that will slow you down and really focus on your strength, but also stations that will really challenge your endurance level.  Strength and conditioning rolled into one!

Rower, Bikes, Skiers, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, and Laps all included!

SURVIVOR is an intermediate / advanced level class and not recommended for a first class.

60 mins

An epic one-hour workout structured into two challenging components. During the first half of the workout, participants are faced with two giant circuits of strength and powerful bursts of cardio!

The second half of class is comprised of our signature ‘Finisher’ – a 8-12 minute all out challenge (METCON) that you will do your best to finish. This will have you truly empty the tank at the end of the workout!

60 mins

Matrix is a class that is primary focused on conditioning. An epic one-hour workout structured into two challenging components. 

The first component is a mix of explosive strength and conditioning quick intervals with quick rest periods.

The second component is longer stations of conditioning to build your cardiovascular capacity!

No Time Limit

Open gym allows clients to come in and use the facility as their own fitness playground. 

Clients are free to use any equipment Resilience has to offer and workout on their own schedule. 

Clients can focus on a specific training goal or just go at their own pace!

Check Schedule for Open Gym Times


60 mins

Resilience Kids is a program that we offer to get children active and educate them about health and fitness. 

This is a great program to build positive habits with children around regular exercise.

We do lots of team activities to ensure kids are meeting new friends and working up a sweat!

Offered Friday Evenings

Our Facility

Toronto City Sports Centre – 32 Curity Ave, East York

Our facility is unlike anything else in the city! A 24,000 square foot indoor space with indoor turf which allows us to run the most dynamic and fun workouts in the city! The facility makes it easy to run a variety of different types of workouts that can’t be dupicated anywhere else! 


  • 24,000 Square Foot Indoor Fitness Centre 
  • State of the Art Strength & Conditioning Equipment 
  • All turf space to allow for workouts you can’t do anywhere else
  • Free Private Parking